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  • VIP Access To Vaughan Homes For Sale

    Tuesday, January 19, 2021   /   by Lino Arci

    VIP Access To Vaughan Homes For Sale


      So you are looking to purchase an Ontario home with easy access to Toronto?

      The trouble is that whenever you find a home that is appealing, it's sold before you get a chance to see it. Indeed in some cases, it is sold before you can even inquire. This further compounds the stress of trying to find the right place, and win the purchase. 

      The hurdles seem to come much sooner in the buying process these days which makes the home hunt less enjoyable for any home buyer.

      But what if you could get access like an agent to homes that meet your criteria before anyone else knows about them?  This would be a game-changer for some families and would benefit home buyers that have limited time to search, or have financial time limit crunches pressing in on them.

    The good news is that the technology exists to help you overcome these obstacles. This VIP service is being implemented by some brokerages to help their clients meet this need and get them that home of their dreams in a timely fashion. 

    The Lino Arci Team is forging a pathway in this area with their VIP Home Buyers Advantage Program.

    How Can I Get VIP Access To Homes For Sale in Vaughan?

    The model works by giving early access before home listings hit the market. The Lino Arci Team tailors a custom home finder search based on your stated needs. The service scans new listings that are not yet public and presents the options to you as a prospective buyer.

    Another feature is the “distressed sellers” connection which gives access to homes that may have sellers with a high motivation to sell. Reasons include: 

    • foreclosures, 
    • absentee owners, or 
    • home owners that are into a new mortgage while still trying to sell their previous house and thus carrying two mortgages. 

    Are There Any Guarantees?

    The Lino Arci Team’s VIP Home Buyers Advantage has several connected guarantees that help give you confidence as the buyer. This includes a home buy-back guarantee, cancellation guarantee, and the “Love it or Leave it” guarantee. 

    You can view more details here Lino Arci Home Buyers Advantage Program. 

    Another interesting option is the customized loan program using the in-house mortgage broker and some intriguing payment options to help ease the home buying process. You can find out all the details you need by contacting the Lino Arci team.