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  • Top 5 High-Touch Areas In Your House to Disinfect Regularly

    Tuesday, October 6, 2020   /   by Lino Arci

    Top 5 High-Touch Areas In Your House to Disinfect Regularly


    Regularly disinfect your home's highest-traffic areas. Research shows that the coronavirus can live on surfaces for hours. So, Let’s make it a priority to clean these areas regularly, and correctly. Here are the five areas to which you should pay special attention over the coming weeks and beyond.

    #1. - The Kitchen

    Your kitchen appliances, utensils, and surfaces including cutting boards, coffee makers, stovetops, refrigerators, countertops, and sink come in regular contact with uncooked and unwashed food, so they're inhabited by bacteria. Research has found that areas, where food is stored or prepared, have more bacteria and fecal matter than any other place in the home, including the bathroom.

    #2. - The Bathroom

    It's obvious, but the bathroom is definitely one high-traffic area you should disinfect regularly. it's one area of your home you should likely clean more routinely.


    #3. - Door Knobs, Handles, Switches, & Remotes

    If you can grab it, bacteria remain on it. Items such as knobs, handles, switches including lights, and those on appliances and remotes are "High-Touch" surfaces that often contain more bacteria than other areas of our homes. 

    #4. - High Use Personal Items

    Your cell phone—as well as your tablet, hairbrush, earbuds, and more—are things you may use every day, and often before you've washed your hands.

    #5. - Containers & Cases

    Anything that comes in contact with your face—and especially your eyes—should be regularly disinfected. Your make-up applicators and contact lens' storage can be reservoirs for microbes that cause skin and eye infections. Regularly disinfect these items, store them in clean, dry places, at room temperature to limit bacterial growth.


    It's not just about how often you disinfect these areas; how you do it matters, too. First, you must clean surfaces before disinfecting them, removing any soil or debris. That kind of uncleanliness can interfere with the effectiveness of any disinfectant. Once they're clean, then you can disinfect with your disinfectant of choice, like an all-purpose cleaner or wipes.

    Follow these simple tasks consistently to keep your family clean and avoid catching the virus. Remember, your health matters too.

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