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  • Best Organic Stores in Vaughan - Fresh & Healthy!

    Tuesday, October 13, 2020   /   by Lino Arci

    Best Organic Stores in Vaughan - Fresh & Healthy!

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    Striving to nourish your body with natural, local, and ethically responsible products? Explore a healthy lifestyle with natural organic food, produce, grocery, gluten-free, vitamins, supplements, vegan raw food, natural makeup, and skincare in your local area! These aren't just some of the best places to buy healthy food, they're some of the best places to shop in Vaughan.

    Here are the best organic stores in Vaughan:

    #1 - Nature’s Emporium


    Your Neighbourhood Health Food Market! Established in 1993, with the goal of introducing and supporting a healthy lifestyle based on natural and organic foods in our community. The Largest Gluten-Free selection in the York Region with lots from local farmers.




    Features you will love about Nature’s Emporium

    • Always Organic Produce Department
    • Fresh Juice Bar & Bistro (Vegan, Vegetarian & Allergy Friendly) 
    • On-staff Naturopaths
    • Nutritionists Huge selection of Vitamins & Supplements
    • Nitrate Free Grass-Fed Meat & Deli
    • Traditionally Raised Sustainable Meats
    • Wild-Caught & Farmed Seafood
    • Artisan Cheese Counter with lots of Dairy Alternatives (even soy-free!)
    • Plant-based skincare and home care

    And there are all sorts of unique products that will help you and your family along on the road to good health!

    COVID-19 Updates: Curbside Pickup, Mask Required

    #2 - Organic Garage

    Established in 2006, the grocery store in Oakville, Toronto, and Vaughan with a difference bringing you the best quality organic and all-natural products at the best possible prices. All Natural grocery store with the best quality organic produce, grocery, meat, vitamins, baked goods, and health & beauty products at the lowest possible prices so you can enjoy… Healthier food for less!


    COVID-19 Updates: Curbside Pickup, Mask Required

    #3 - Natural Life Health Market

    Looking for money-saving coupons and product specials every day. Signing up to get 10% off your entire purchase in their store! You'll find an amazing reference section, with up-to-date natural health information on products and ailments, as well as health tools to assess your lifestyle. 

    COVID-19 Updates: Now offering Curbside Pickup

    #4 - Ambrosia Natural Foods

    Established in 1979, Ambrosia Natural Foods is a complete natural grocery retailer with over 35 years of experience with organic fruits and vegetables, natural vitamins and minerals, gluten-free products, natural health and beauty products, sports nutrition and supplements, superfoods and much more. 

    COVID-19 Updates: Offers Delivery Services

    #5 - Sandy's Farm

    All of their produce is locally grown, and their enthusiasm has been the spark to their continuous commitment to provide fresh and tasty fruits and vegetables. They aspire to grow their business and be able to provide the GTA with the best available produce grown right here in Ontario! 


    #6 - Honey For My Honey

    Welcome to taste the highest quality raw organic honey at HONEY FOR MY HONEY store. This honey is personally processed in small batches by professional beekeeper Alexandre Obnovlennyi. It is produced only from plant nectar, artificial sugar-free, absolutely not heated or pasteurized! This honey is delicious and beneficial to your health.

    COVID-19 Updates: Offers Delivery Services, Curbside Pickup

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