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  • 8 Frequently Asked Questions

    Monday, August 26, 2013   /   by Lino Arci

    8 Frequently Asked Questions


    How long have you been an active full-time real estate agent?

    I have been a full-time realtor for 27 years.
    How many homes have you listed in the last six months?
    We have listed 70 homes.
    How many homes have you listed in the last year?
    We have listed 110 homes in the past year.
    How many homes have you sold in the last six months?
    We have closed 60 transactions.
    How does your average sale price compare to the original list price?
    Our sale price is almost dead on to our asking price. We take a lot of time in making sure we price your home correctly. We price as close to market value as possible.
    How will you market my property?
    Our marketing is very effective. I personally write every ad and you would be amazed at the difference word choice can make when representing your home. I also list your home on several different sites such as www.SearchTorontoHomes.com and I encourage you to check it out!
    How many properties are you currently marketing?
    At any given time I am marketing 10-12 different properties.
    Thank you so much for watching. I wanted to thank everyone for sending me referrals; I appreciate it so much!

    Remember every home that I close I donate $250 to the hospital for sick children! Also if you are interested in winning an all expenses paid trip to Vegas, enter the drawing at www.linoarcireferralrewards.com