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    Friday, October 25, 2013   /   by Lino Arci

    How does your home compare to others on the market?

    Welcome back to my video blog.
    When I meet with clients, I frequently get asked how their home compares to the competition. I know your main goal is to sell your home quickly and for a great price.
    It’s my job to assess the value of your home. I look at your bathroom, the kitchen, and the basement; these are all factors that determine the value of your home. Each home is different. That’s why you should give me a call. Let me help make your home a true competitor.
    Thanks for watching!

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    Monday, October 14, 2013   /   by Lino Arci

    Wishing You a Very Special Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving! This Monday is a time for us to all reflect on the last year and give thanks for all the good fortune we have had. I am happy to say we have had a blessed last year and will be celebrating accordingly. Here's to hoping everyone has a safe and happy thanksgiving weekend!

    It is the last day to come to the 166th Woodbridge Fall Fair!
    Look below for more information on the fair, and many other activities and information.


    Woodbridge Fall Fair
    Sat Oct 12 / 10:00am - Mon Oct 14 / 6:00pm

    Come to the 166th Woodbridge Fall Fair! If you are looking for a fun family activity this Thanksgiving Weekend, then the Woodbridge Fall Fair is for you!With a ton of things happening at the Fair, there will be something for everyone!

    Fallsview Casino
    Tue Oct 22 / 8:45am - 6:00am

    The Woodbridge legion made someone 1.8 million dollars richer when we went to Fallsview Casino in September; maybe YOU will be the next big winner! We have anot ...

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    Wednesday, October 02, 2013   /   by Lino Arci

    October 2013 Housing News Watch

    Your Housing News Watch
    October 2013
    From Lino Arci

    Go Ahead… Give Your Self a Real Treat This Month! 

    The month of October can be a spooky month, maybe even a scary month with monstrous problems.  Yikes!!   Well maybe not, but words like that seem to be popping up everywhere as kids and adults alike look forward to Halloween.  

    In fact, according to a recent study, adults spend more on themselves to celebrate Halloween than any other day during the year. I get that. Especially if they want to hang out with the kids to go trick or treating, or to a Halloween party of some kind.  

    But for many homeowners and home buyers, they are truly scared.  Scared to death of how in the world they are going to get out of their house and into their next one. This is great news for some (a real treat) and terrible news for others (the trick).  

    Buyers can absolutely find a home and pay what homes were selling ...

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    Thursday, September 12, 2013   /   by Lino Arci

    September 2013 Housing News Watch

    Your Housing News Watch
    September 2013
    From Lino Arci

    Labor Day is All Wrong!

    Government employees and Banks typically close up shop on Labor Day, but according to recent studies the majority of people were laboring on Labor Day.

    So to celebrate the month of September and the affection for Laboring, I have a
    special announcement to make: I will be Laboring, but for a very special reason.

    Right now, many would-be home owners and home sellers are caught in a catch
    22. They are nervous about moving or the opposite, desperate to make a move.
    This is why we have developed a special program for those you know that are
    considering a move.

    This is where you come in…

    For the month of September, if you or anyone you know is considering
    making a move to a new home, we will Guarantee a minimum $10,000
    Savings for every $200,000 in sales price on the home purchase or I will
    pay the difference*.

    You read it correctly – my la ...

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    Monday, August 26, 2013   /   by Lino Arci

    8 Frequently Asked Questions





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